Education & Training

Australia's poultry industry is a multi billion dollar agribusiness employing several hundred thousand people. It must meet increasing demand for poultry products while using fewer resources and reducing environmental impacts. It has to use water, feed and energy more efficiently, while reducing greenhouse gas, dust and odour emissions, pathogens and pollutants.

To ensure food security, the industry needs to massively increase productivity, without compromising food safety or welfare. Its future success will rely on access to a skilled and motivated workforce.

The Poultry CRC's education and training outputs include:

  • Vocational Educational & Training (VET) systems
  • honours and postgraduate students integrated into CRC research
  • industry internships
  • staff / student exchanges
  • Teacher's Resource Kit, sent to hundreds of Australian schools
  • scientific publications and patent applications
Resources developed by the CRC are available through our award-winning online education centre, Poultry Hub.

Our VET program requires us to work closely with government to identify the needs, set the standards, train the trainers, write the training materials, and deliver the training.

Thirty-five postgraduates are being integrated within the three Programs' research projects, involving immediate and direct interaction with end-users. We expect several to find direct employment with industry, some through our internships program.

For more information about the Poultry CRC's education and training activities, contact the Education Manager, Liz Roan.


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