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The original Poultry Cooperative Research Centre was established on 1 July 2003, with more than $23 million in funding from the Australian Government, under the CRC Programme, and an additional $50 million cash and in-kind contributions from both industry and research providers. The Poultry CRC was renewed in 2010 for another seven and a half years with a total funding of $87 million, including a $27 million cash grant from the Commonwealth Government.

The Poultry CRC conducts research and drives education and training to help Australia´s poultry industries produce more from less, sustainably. This requires innovative approaches to: 

• maintaining poultry health and enhancing bird welfare
• improving resource utilisation and reducing environmental impacts of poultry production
• controlling poultry product-associated food safety issues and enhancing egg quality for consumers.

The Poultry CRC aims to develop alternative healthy chicken products in the face of reduced reliance on antibiotics and chemicals. It endeavours to improve preparedness against emerging diseases and ensure greater responsiveness to more discerning and demanding consumers. Continuing public demand for a cleaner and greener environment, world trade agreements and tighter controls over food safety and quality will continue to have significant impacts on livestock industries, particularly chicken meat. 

In essence, the Poultry CRC is focusing on new strategies to manage sustainable and efficient production of safe, high-quality products, as well as address issues involving environmental impact and animal welfare.

The Poultry CRC is an unincorporated joint venture between seven Essential Participants, namely,

• Australian Egg Corporation Limited
• Bioproperties Pty Ltd
• CSIRO Livestock Industries
• QLD Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI)
• Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
• The University of Melbourne
• University of New England

and 26 Other Participants. It is governed by a skills-based board and is headquartered at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales.

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