Michael Warner
Michael Warner
Back Valley, South Australia, Australia

Research Program - Nutrition & Enviroment

Program manager: Dr Tim Walker

Improving resource utilisation and reducing environmental impacts of poultry production

The Poultry CRC''''''''s Nutrition and Environment Program addresses resource utilisation and reduction of environmental impacts, including the emission of odours and greenhouse gases.

Associated Projects

    - Influence of betaine on embryo survival, hatchability and progeny performance
    - In ovo therapeutics to improve gut efficiency and health in the broiler chicken
    - Posthatch feed restriction effects on broiler muscle growth
    - Validation of qPCR assays targeting broiler performance
    - Identification of microbial and gut-related factors driving bird performance
    - Maximising spent litter fertiliser returns through nutrient and carbon management
    - Molecular detection and survival of viral pathogens in litter