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Physical strategies to manage mycotoxin contamination

Published: March 29, 2022
As various mycotoxin decontamination and detoxification strategies are available, is it possible to manage mycotoxin contamination by resorting to a physical or thermic treatment? Answered by Dr. Vito D’ Ascanio
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Vito D’Ascanio
Institute of Sciences of Food Production ISPA
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Ram Singh
8 de julio de 2022
Good message to manage mycotoxicosis. I would like to state that I have developed two Mycotoxin binders for poultry after a decade's long research: Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2. Both the binders were tested in Chickens, Quails, Turkeys and Ducks for their efficacy to ameliorate mycotoxicosis. Both the binders completely ameliorated the ill effects of mycotoxicosis in Chickens, Quails, Turkeys and Ducks; and were equally efficaceous in ameliorating mycotoxicosis in all these four species. The term Mycodetox was coined by me as Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2 are having the properties of alleviating ill effects of twelve mycotoxins detected in one or another poultry feed. B denotes the surname of the scientist (Bibyan) who formulated these products; and 1 and 2 indicate the number of products i.e. Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2. Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan
A R Hari Rao
20 de agosto de 2022
Are the products established and if in which count
Shirin farsad
14 de julio de 2022
Hi .Dear professor . I had learn about biological manner for toxin binder in poultry. I will happy that learn it physical methods for mycotoxin binder .thanks a lot
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