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"Using Genetic Markers To Improve Selection"

“Using Genetic Markers To Improve Selection”
By: Paul Walker Thompson Date: April 13, 2016

Dr. Ken Stalder recently wrote an article in the “National Hog Farmer” describing how Gene Typing can be added to Phenotypic Traits to improve on Animal Selection in Pigs. As scientist can read Genotyping of 300 to 60,000 Gene Pairs, this can be combined with Measurable Physical Traits and Performances (Phenotypes) to better select for traits, especially those that are Low In Heritability. Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP Technology) can be combined with Genome-enabled Selection to provide a more accurate Selection Index. (1)

(1) Stalder, Dr. Ken “Genome-enabled selection improves pig production” National Hog Farmer “Blueprint- It’s all in the genes” pages 6-9 April 2016

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