Diet complexity and L-threonine supplementation: effects on growth performance, immune response, and intestinal integrity in nursery pigs

Published on: 08/27/2021
Author/s : Bonjin Koo, Chengbo Yang, and Charles Martin Nyachoti. / Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB.

Introduction Nursery pig diets have been conventionally formulated with animal protein sources and dairy products (e.g., fish meal, plasma meal, and whey protein). However, this has resulted in a complex diet composition and high feed costs. Many attempts have therefore been made to simplify the conventional complex diet by increasing the proportion of soybean meal as a way to save...

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August 27, 2021
I congratulate the authors of the work by the subject surveyed. However, I would like to make some considerations; - As well as the behavior of the insulated pigs is altered compared to group maids, the fact of using an animal per experimental unit could not interfere with the immune response, altering the standard of cytokines secretion .; -The.; - Finally I think that the increase in treonin demand to maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, it would be more related to the increase in mucus production, whose protein is differentially rich in threonine. Therefore, the stimulus for increased mucus production by the stimulation of the immune response would increase the demand for threonine due to the characteristic of the necessary protein to its production. In this way I understand that the production of mucus by the intestinal mucosa should be evaluated
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