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Mycotoxins in Poultry. Dr. Carlos Mallmann (LAMIC)

Published: October 20, 2014
Mycotoxins in Poultry. Dr. Carlos Mallmann (LAMIC)
Dr. Carlos Mallmann presents some of the most harmful mycotoxins that can attack poultry, and how to recognize and prevent them at the Feed Safety Seminar 2.0 in China.
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Carlos A. Mallmann
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Shirin farsad
15 de marzo de 2022
Hello . Dear professor, I have not seen hemolysis , I seen anemia in poultry
Miila Gena
5 de mayo de 2015
Professor Mallman, I would like to ask if you had reports or witnessed severe intravascular haemolysis as a feature of mycotoxin toxicity and if you had, which of the mycotoxins were responsible. Thanks Miila Gena
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