Management of Mycotoxins in Raw Materials Intended for Pet Food

Published on: 04/28/2020
Author/s : Adriano Olnei Mallmann 1, Denize Tyska 2 / 1 Veterinarian, PhD., Technical Director, Pegasus Science; 2 Zootechnist, MSc., Director of Research & Development, Pegasus Science.

In recent decades there has been a growth in the interaction of people with dogs and cats, mainly because of the proximity of the human relationship with pets. This relationship involves walking, bathing and grooming, visits to the veterinarian and even a special diet, as pets are treated as an integral part of the family. Recent data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) sho...

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Jacob Frydman Jacob Frydman
Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine
April 28, 2020
Very nice and well explained information! Like to suggest the below thing.

Clean the Pet food containers, Pet bowls frequently as well as don't make them eat there left food which is in pet bowl from a long time.
Dr Valeriy Kryukov Dr Valeriy Kryukov
Doctor in Biological Sciences
April 28, 2020
United States.
There is no reliable, generally accepted laboratory method for evaluating the effectiveness of adsorbents. In addition, any results obtained in vitro can not be transferred to animals.
The only mycotoxin, aflatoxin, binds securely with adsorbents.
Even when evaluating in vitro adsorption, one toxin is always studied and it is not taken into account that when mycotoxins are present together, they compete for binding sites on the adsorbent. Adsorption is an equilibrium physical-chemical interaction, that is, two processes occur simultaneously in a solution. And depending on the equilibrium constant, the desorption will be greater or less. In this case, the adsorption does not change proportionally, but taking into account the binding activity of each mycotoxin mycotoxin (Manafi M., H. D. Narayanaswamy and N. Pirany 2009. In vitro binding ability of mycotoxin binder in commercial broiler feed. African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 4 (2), pp. 141-143, ) .
The ratio of mycotoxins in feed is extremely diverse and it is not possible to take it into account for each case. Therefore, the promises of sellers who praise their adsorbents are in all cases fairy tales.
Jacob Frydman Jacob Frydman
Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine
April 30, 2020
Dr Valeriy Kryukov

"Therefore, the promises of sellers who praise their adsorbents are in all cases fairy tales."

May 10, 2020
This is why we recommend our TOXI-SCRUB machine especially for pet-food manufacturers since the machine gives a "broad-band" treatment, reducing significantly DON, ZER, T-2 and more. Additionally it terminates Salmonella and other bacteria 100%.
May 11, 2020

Peer Hansen
Can you give me a price order for TOXI-SCRUB with a capacity of 30 tonnes/hour? Thank you.

May 11, 2020
Bouassida hichem that price was for 30 ton/h but we have processing starting from 4 ton/hour, and for nuts and beans from 0,5 ton/hour. BR Peer
May 11, 2020

Dear Bouassida. Thank you for the comment. Well it depends on the type of grain you want to detoxify. Maize is the easiest to detoxify and and final pellets the most difficult. Anyway the price is roughly € 1,8 mio for a standard version set up for several types of grain.

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