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Evaluating anti-mycotoxin additives in feed

Published on: 07/29/2013
Author/s : By Douglas Zaviezo, Special Nutrients, Miami, Fl, USA

The effectiveness of an anti-mycotoxin additive cannot be based only on in vitro trials anymore; it has to be evaluated by conducting in vivo tests using a scientific experimental design measuring the beneficial effects of the product on target organ protection and animal performance.Practical methods to detoxify grain or feed contaminated with mycotoxins on a large scale and in a cost-effective m...

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July 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Douglas, this was all nice information, thanks. May I ask, here, 0.5 Kg / MT is a treatment or prophylactic dose of Myco Ad AZ ? And another question, what is the exact composition of Myco Ad AZ ( both ingredients + potency )? thanks!

Douglas Zaviezo Douglas Zaviezo
July 30, 2013
Dear Munir,

The dosage of Mycoad AZ to prevent the toxic effect of T-2 toxin in poultry is 0.5 kg/metric ton. However, the dosage of Mycoad AZ to prevent the damages produced by zearalenone, DON and/or fumonisin in pigs is 1.0 kg/metric ton. If the damages of any of those mycotoxins already ocurred, the best approach is to add 2 kg of Mycoad AZ per metric ton of feed for 15 days and then reduce the dosage to the recommended preventive level.

As it was mentioned, Mycoad AZ is a purified phylosilicate produced in Texas. Please visit specialnutrients.com or engormix to have more information about this product.

Douglas Zaviezo
July 31, 2013
Thanks Douglas for the information. Regards
Salman Saeed Salman Saeed
Animal Nutritionist
October 29, 2013

Could you please refer some scientific studies regarding:

1 - claim that clays only adsorb toxins and not other nutrients

2 - standard protocol for in vitro evaluation of AMA evaluation for ruminants and poultry
Rk Walter Rk Walter
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
December 31, 2013
Newton's law is applicable here too"every action has its equal and and opposite reactions" Nevertheless, evaluating the merits and demerits, the incorporation of anti-mycotoxins seem to impart better results in favor of clays as good adsorbants
of toxins.
January 1, 2015
can you tell me other than clay is really usefull for prevent or control mytoxins in poultry/animal.

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