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Participation in Forum on August 10, 2015
Thanks Radka Very good and perfect articles.please share any article regarding Aflatoxin.Now we have to aware each and every person regarding Aflatoxin risk and its impact on human.Day to day we watch CANCER cases increase due to Aflatoxin(one of the major reason) in the world. Please share any new updates informations regarding Aflatoxins. thanks
Product published on April 16, 2015
Optimum Compositions for Aflatoxin reductions.........
The publication of this product is complete.
Participation in Forum on April 8, 2015
It is very informative and important details for each steps for formulations of vitamin premix.Its very true that this industries are very crucial and also very very important to take care about quality of product. Pravin Patel
Participation in Forum on March 30, 2015
Hello Could you tell me which natural clay (and its combinations) is most effective for Aflatoxin control in animal /poultry field for hot and Humid climet conditions like India?Thanks
Participation in Forum on March 16, 2015
Very good Information regarding the world major issue.We all have to be wake-up and try to reduce the Aflatoxin levels in our daily essential need MILK......... can you send me the data of Indian feed raw materials as well as raw milk aflatoxin levels.... thanks Pravin Patel Roshan Pharmaceuticals Ahmedabad
Participation in Forum on January 1, 2015
can you tell me other than clay is really usefull for prevent or control mytoxins in poultry/animal. thanks
Participation in Forum on January 1, 2015
To Dr Sharma Very nice information of poultry industries.Its very good for the industries. Thanks
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January 1, 2015
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