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Solutions against Mycotoxins

Published on: 5/21/2021
Author/s : Jesús Megias, Latam Export Manager
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Mycotoxins in animal nutrition
Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites, produced naturally in various Genera of Fungi. The most significant in animal production are produced by molds of the Genera Aspergillus, Fusarium and Penicillium. Despite the measures taken by farmers to control the contamination of cereals, these fungi are able to produce different types of mycotoxins produced in the field, during transport or in storage, affecting animal and people health.
It is estimated that the losses due to aflatoxins in corn industry can reach up to 1.68 billion dollars in the United States (Mitchell et al., 2016). Once present in the feed, they resist the actions of drying, grinding, and processing. The effects in animals, after ingestion of these fungal compounds, vary from an acute disease manifested with high morbidity and death, to a chronic decrease in resistance to pathogens, with a reduction in production rates. However, the main problem associated with mycotoxin-contaminated feed for animals are not episodes of acute illness, but the metabolic, physiological, and immunological disorders caused by a continuous ingestion of low levels of toxins. This fact is also highly influenced by the interaction between various mycotoxins that can lead to a cumulative effect, severely affecting the health and zootechnical parameters of our animals.
Considering the high probability of finding mycotoxins in feed and the losses caused by them, prevention with anti-mycotoxin additives is vitally important. In addition, we must bear in mind that more and more countries and organizations consider very important the mycotoxin control for public health, understanding that the mycotoxin derived from Aflatoxin B1 (aflatoxin M1) has carcinogenic activity and is excreted in milk. For this reason, the use of adsorbents in diets intended for milk-producing ruminants is a significant topic of interest.
LIPTOSA, with more than 20 years of experience and research in the binding and reduction of mycotoxins, offers its customers a wide range of anti-mycotoxin additives that meet the specific needs of each production model.
With our FINTOX line of anti-mycotoxin and detoxifying additives, we manage to adsorb and bio-transform the most common mycotoxins in animal production. Thanks to the physicochemical characteristics of our products, by creating irreversible and non-digestible complexes with mycotoxins, their absorption is reduced (regardless of intestinal pH) and then excreted in the feces.
Our approach to mycotoxins goes further, since we understand that we must not only protect the animal from possible toxins, but we must also consider the negative impact they have on its organism and productivity. For this reason, we support the target organs, responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body, such as the liver for fat-soluble toxins, the intestinal tract for insoluble toxins and the kidney for water-soluble toxins.
FINTOX incorporates natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals generated in mycotoxin intoxications. In addition, it contains phytobiotics and nutraceuticals that repair the damage caused by mycotoxicosis (liver damage, immunosuppression, immunomodulation of the saprophytic microbiota).
The FINTOX line optimizes protection against mycotoxins with integrated solutions that ensure it effective protection against a broad variety of mycotoxins in all animal species. Thanks to the wide range of references, we can design and optimize a specific mycotoxin control program that includes: the quality of the raw material available, the geographical region, the species of animal or the productive group.
Fintox Mold Plus – due to its inclusion of organic acids, is an interesting proposal to strengthen protection against fungi and moulds.
Fintox Pro Advance - very complete formula, enriched with botanical extracts.
Fintox Pro Nature – mineral-free formula, rich in botanical extracts and yeast walls.
Our clients appreciate an excellent quality-price ratio together with a wide proposal that allows them to choose the solution that best suits their needs.
For additional information, contact our technical-commercial department.
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