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Natural way to health- Life Rainbow’s philosophy

Published on: 5/8/2019
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Higher safety in feed 

Products of TF301 series were developed to counteract inflammation and injured caused by mycotoxin contaminated feed. TF301 product line is provided by a premium blend of patented-specific enzyme, selected absorbent, and phytogenic extract to ensure protection from mycotoxin-related issues in animals.

A more efficacious immune system through the gut health program

SFB33 series is the product line designed to enhance gut health, support host defense and recovery intestine form weak status of animals. Selected Bacillus sp. and the metabolites via patented-solid-fermentation improve the symbiotic relationship in the gut and lead to bactericidal effect by amphiphilic characteristics. The antimicrobial herb extract used in the blend is formulated to improve gut health. Effective GIT functionality through SFB33 makes better feed efficiency and better weight gain.

Immune system booster- bidirectional modulator for health supplement & enhances recovery

Products of CDNU09 series were designed to enhance animals’ immunity under challenging conditions. Many bioactive components produced by solid fermentation from fungous Cordyceps interferes virus replication and acts as immunomodulator to help immune system against pathogens. Acid protease works to improve digestibility and nutrition utilization. The best combination helps to make faster recovery and back to health.

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