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The minim titer did not equal to half of the mean titer; this is not a problem if the mean titer as expected. Simply you may have some individual with zero titers or very low titer as a result of the application of IBV live vaccine only. Don't worry about this because cell-mediated immunity may act well. Don't worry about this if nothing is indicative for field challenge. High IBV ELISA titers in ...
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Dear Dr. AHMED ANJUM in general, significant antibody titer could not be detected at 3 weeks of age in broilers vaccinated with inactive vaccine at day-old because of wane of maternal antibody and active immunity driven by vaccination haven't developed yet. (negative ELISA TITER (consider ELISA assay is not subtype-specific) , H9 AIV HI titer less than 3log2 titer).
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Dear Dr Aftab AnwarWell said that in Pakistan, every year in wheat harvesting season, we are facing this problem duration is ‘’March, April, May and June’’. In my experience, this respiratory problem is not Infectious bronchitis outbreaks. It is rather related to environment pollution.In a poultry house, with live birds, the average number of dust particles is generally bel ...
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Many single IBV infections cause mild respiratory signs, relatively decreased body weight, and slightly higher mortality rates. Some broiler flocks experienced IBV infections diagnosed molecularly by real-time PCR and serologically by using ELISA (2x increase of mean antibody titer than expected), the cumulative mortality rate doesn't exceed 8%.IBV infection complicated with H9 AIV infection resul ...
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