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Dr. Raj Murugesan (Biomin) talked about surveys, detection and testing for mycotoxins in the United States, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa
Participation in Forum on August 16, 2018
Jonathan RASTEL could you please explain what semi-activated means. This term is so far not common to me, so I am a bit confused. If the product is so good, have you handed in any EU-dossier in group M?
Participation in Forum on July 30, 2018
Pyrrolized vegetal carbon, is this activated charcoal? In this case, the risk for unspecific binding of vitamins is very high.
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 IntroductionWorldwide, necrotic enteritis (NE) leads to important production losses, increased feed consumption and mortality rates, and a reduced welfare of broiler chickens [1–4]. The causative agent of NE is Clostridium perfringens, a Gram-positive spore forming bacterium which occurs ubiquitously in the environment, in feed and in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans [5 ...
Participation in Forum on February 5, 2016
I would rather say that that the composition of vegetation (more herbs) plus an eventuual lack of energy can alter fatty acid compsition towards 18:3n-3. Also the amount of n-6 containing small grains and maize might lead to an elevated omega-3 content. The effect of herbs in the vegetation could alter rumen function but I think this is still quiet a black box. In this paper researcher saw a di ...
Participation in Forum on February 24, 2014
Regarding: "No commercial available setting is offering 380 mycotoxins for quantitative analysis." of course it is available. Biomin offers this service already since 2 years and the number of metabolites grew in the last years from ca. 270 to 380 toxins. It is not Alltech that invented a survey program as Biomin publishes since 2008 their mycotoxin survey with quarterly and annual reports. Many o ...
Participation in Forum on February 20, 2014
Thanks for your answer. You are right that the impact of mycotoxins was studies in many research projects but this studies were mostly performed with single od duel contaminations. Often high, artificial contmination was used to trigger a clinical effect in animals. To conclude from that on risk value expressed in figures is a be far-fetched. You mentioned by yourself that questions need to be a ...
Participation in Forum on February 14, 2014
Dr. Yannikouris, could you please comment on this topic as it would be interesting to see how you calculate the mycotoxin risk to give proper advice to customer. It would be important to see what folmular is behind your REQ-levels as they should be supported by scientific findings.
Participation in Forum on January 29, 2014
Interesting approach but I wonder on what scientific base Alltech is calculating these REQ-level? From my point of view it is absolutly impossible to give mycotoxins a multiplication-factor and add this up? How do you consider synergistic effects? From where you get factors for this? I guess if Alltech comes out with such a figure the explanation should be scientifically?
Participation in Forum on March 19, 2013
A questions, actually two. I do not really see information how the absorbtion of mycotoxins should work. Can somebody from Alltech explain the mode of action and which substances changed to get the eventually desired effects? Second, the group M registration in the EU will be the measurement in the future for product making claims on mycotoxins. What position has Alltech to this registration and w ...
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