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April 25, 2008 to April 27, 2008
Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
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The next important event for Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry

ILDEX or the International Livestock and Dairy Expo are one of the top brands for livestock and dairy exhibition in Asia. The ILDEX series has made its mark in Asia only a few years back after ILDEX Vietnam has made a debut in Ho Chi Minh City in 2006. The fact behind ILDEX success is the brilliant concept of bringing international expertise to satisfy local needs, and to create the linkage within Asia´s emerging livestock markets namely Vietnam, India, and China. ILDEX Vietnam is back bigger in 2008, and will surely be one of the most important for Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry.

ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will be on amidst Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry trend. There are positive factors behind such growth. Firstly, the country´s fast growing economy – the fastest amongst ASEAN, and the third fastest in Asia after China and India. ADB´s Asia Prospect Report 2007 predicts that Vietnam can obtain GDP growth rate of 8.3% in 2007, and up to 8.5% in 2008. Secondly, the raising wealth of Vietnam´s 85 Million populations will drive for higher meat consumption. Last but not least, Vietnamese government has enforced the policy to increase foreign direct investment in agricultural sectors. Business opportunity in Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry is huge for both buyers and sellers along the industry chain.

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Bigger & Better  
In the previous edition, ILDEX Vietnam 2006 had a total of 80 exhibitors and over 10,500 trade visitors from cities surrounding Ho Chi Minh City itself - a remarkable success for the first edition in Vietnam.

“It had made ILDEX Vietnam´s a definite livestock and dairy event,” according to Mrs. Ladda Mongkolchaivivat, General Manager, N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. or NEO, the show organizer. “For the upcoming edition, we expected that over 120 companies from 19 countries will gather at ILDEX Vietnam 2008 in which over 50% are returning exhibitors from previous edition. The exhibition will take place during 25-27 April 2008 at Ho Chi Minh City International Exhibition and Convention Center (HIECC) in Vietnam,” she said.

Supported by Department of Livestock Production 
ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will showcase a wide variety of technologies, solutions, products, and services necessary for the future growth of Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry. That is partially the reason that the show has received good supported from the Department of Livestock Production.  They again see ILDEX Vietnam 2008 as the national platform for technology and solutions. Such marketplace will be crucial for further development of Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry.

Join Leading Suppliers  
“ILDEX Vietnam 2008 is a trade and professional event. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with many governmental industry and organizations. More importantly, ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will be the marketplace where visitors have the chance to meet face to face with over 120 exhibitors who are leaders in their fields such as Big Dutchman, Bayer, GSI Group, Viphavet, Biomin, Euriatec, and etc.” emphasized Mrs. Mongkolchaivivat.

She added that “ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will definitely offer good chances for visitors to see and search for new products, attend many specialized activities to learn and understand the new trends of the industry.”

The Marketplace for Solutions & Technology 
ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will be the true marketplace for solutions and technology. Such marketplace is definitely needed to bring Vietnam current situation in to account. Not only the industry´s determination to improve its livestock and dairy production standard to fulfill customer stricter requirements but to increase competitiveness to the level itself with neighboring countries. Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry also wants to have a better control of epidemic outbreak within its livestock industry including bird flu, blue tongue, and FMD to gain better from their imported markets.

In addition of the new livestock and dairy technology on the exhibition floor, ILDEX Vietnam 2008 Conference will be a forum for industry professionals to learn and share their expertise and innovation. Among the hot conference topics are Supply of Animal Protein Meals from USA, and Moisture Management – A Damage Recovery Approach in Feed Palleting by some of the world leading companies such as National Renderers Association Inc., and Delst Asia.

Extensive Visitor Promotional Campaign 
The organizer is confident that ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will attract more than 20,000 visitors from Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry, especially cities within 300 kilometers diameter from Ho Chi Minh City. “We have joined force with VEAS, our local representative, and supporting organization such as the Department of Livestock Production to do an extensive visitor promotional campaign,” said Mrs. Mongkolchaivivat.

The program includes direct mailing campaign, news and media campaign, street banner, VIPs and key persons welcoming, meet & match services, and free entry passes.

The Great Business Opportunity for All
ILDEX Vietnam 2008 will be one of the most important events for Vietnam´s livestock and dairy industry. The show will offer great business opportunity for all. It will be the marketplace and technology forum for Industry professionals to search for and be updated with new technology, products and services for their business. At the same time it will be a networking and business forum for suppliers to network with leading industrial players and penetrate into the country´s growing livestock and dairy industry.