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Justin Fowler, Professor at the University of Georgia, talked to us during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA, and explained the process that inspired him to create FeedMix, an app for feed formulation, which is easy to use and helps producers to calculate requirements.
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Good morning Mr.Hans Aae, it is very important study and also very beneficial conclusions.Do you have such study regarding poultry;broilers and layers?I'm very interested to know such experience. Thank you, Eng.Ianes Traian
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Very interesting article. Mysef, I was confronted with difficulties when I needes to make a ration for dairy, and I tried to use different information sources and specifications of raw materials. In Romania, in the past especially, we used the Russian system for evaluating energy and protein, like UN for energy = energy of 1 kg barley and PBD = crude protein digestible. In the present, we use the ...
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