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Very useful information, especially for the young practicing veterinarians and farm managers. Higher levels of Vitamin E along with Selenium supplemented in the ration during the last two months of calving helps building strong immune response that could greatly help in reducing SCC post calving. Great piece of information !! Thanks
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What is the stability constant of your product and what about Ph, in which PH range it is stable. Idea about bioavailability in poultry and ruminant ??
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Thanks for sharing this very nice and informative article regarding the requirement of trace minerals and their role in immunity of cows. Zinc, copper and manganese has understood well by Indian farmers but feeding selenium is still a challenge as overfeeding shows toxicity. It will be highly appreciated if any body canguides us regarding the right dosage of selenium in different phases of cow lac ...
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To optimize the growth and production of animals, we have long realized good nutrition is key. Trace mineral supplementation has been simplified to strictly meeting the parts-per-million requirements set out in the nutrient requirement tables, with little attention given to the form in which the mineral is provided. Recently, there has been more interest and research on the influence trace mineral ...
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Thanks for highlighting the importance of some crucial trace minerals known for their role in dairy production system, with special reference to immunity. Would appreciate knowing the levels of these minerals in cow's diet during different stages of lactation, especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions.
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Will it be helpful to use unprotected lysine and methionine to produce more microbial protein?
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