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thanks sir Ganesh Kumar for your comment. but little bit confusion and question is always there i.e. what is the method to minimize moisture from litter in rainyseason? very difficult.because in my short breder experience(3yrs), even three racking are not enough.
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very good article about Management of Poultry in extreme Weather and important point raised by Mr.Ehsan. i think,beside increasing CFM per Kg b.wt,we should also turn our sprinkler or fogger on timer and avoid temprature driven soaking system of cooling pads.Because,it is observed that on temp.driven settings,soaking system run continously which increases humidity. On timer driven settings,we can ...
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sir, please tell us about average cost of LITERON per breeder flock. and in my experience deep litter is more effective in winters only. Just after summer,we have rainy season which increase moisture in litter so,very difficult to handle heavy moist litter.
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I think along with minerals and vit especially vit C, addition of glucose in drinking water is also a good remmedy in heat stress. This will give extra energy because all of us know panting in broilers lower down the FCR.
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