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HiThe best control of coccidiosis in lying birds:First, diagnose the disease. Second, used probiotics+ prebiotic so for seven to ten days it will give you a good result and start to produce immunity against the coccidiosis infection. The semipro biotic reduce the number of sprocyct in fesses and I enhance the start produce the immunity against the natural infectionThird, besides the trea ...
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How is sodium butyrate efficient on digestive organs
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Hi I think the bio security is the first step in farm . The secand ration use for chicks. The third one status of health chicks. The fourth program of vaccine
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Hi I ready used vaxxitic vaccine vie sub/C injection at 0 day age of chicks The result perfect and immunity good aspacialy used good formula probiotic ether in water or feed
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The FCR resepene on quantity of ration and must ration has Lowe mycotoxin and must added anti mycotoxin to ration plus added good formila of enzyme plus good formula of probiotics DR/Nagwa Shalaby Prof of Poultry DiSeases
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