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I read with interest all the nice comments but are about production management practices. What about breeders and vertically transmitted diseases especially in African and Asian operations what is the comment?
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It could be a mycotoxin or nutritional problem i.e biogenic. It can also be pathological i.e viral, bacterial or fungal infection. My advise is take feed for testing and get a Vet to assist on pathological conditions
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I agree with the comments earlier posted but apart from variability in chick size and weight other managent practice play a bigger part in creating this situation. These include nutrition, house environment and off course stocking densities. Poor management of the afore mentioned can also lead to the problem of uniformity variation
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It may not just be feed there are other factors you should look ot for eg disease, stocking density, ratio of feeders and drinkers to the number of birds,, temperature variations during brooding and hygiene
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