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Good articlen. I did my PhD projects (5 projects) on Heat stress in sheep and dairy cattle. more article will come out later in this website. I enjoyed this article, too.
Article published the May 10, 2013
INTRODUCTION Calves could be weaned after they consume a specific amount of starter in a specific period of time, mostly 2 to 3 d continuously (Morrill et al., 1995; Abdelgadir et al., 1996). Coverdale et al. (2004) started their weaning when all calves were consuming 450 g of starter on d 52 of the trial. Franklin et al. (2003) started the weaning process when calves had consumed 680 g of starte ...
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Article published the March 25, 2013
INTRODUCTION In calf rearing systems, an early and high intake of concentrate and roughage is encouraged to reduce the milk rearing or milk replacer feeding costs and to ensure a better development of the forestomachs. Additionally, the beef cows do not produce enough milk approximately after 90 d of lactation to meet the nutrient requirements of the calf due to its rapid growth. Glucose homeosta ...
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Article published the March 12, 2013
Introduction Comprehensive research has evaluated several methods for feed processing to improve its utilization by mono and poly-gastric animals. Appropriate time for weaning of calves is very important to prevent loss in their performance and healthiness. According to Abdelgadir and Morrill (1995) feed processing, which disrupts the structure of starch and the union between protein and starch i ...
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Article published the February 21, 2013
INTRODUCTION Antibiotics have been extensively used as feed additives and growth promoters in animal feed industry. The use of antibiotics as feed additives is hazardous due to crossresistance and multiple resistances of pathogens (Schwarz et al., 2001). Therefore, European Union has banned the application of most of antibiotics in poultry diets. Thus, during the past decade many studies investig ...
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