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Completely agree with you as in day to day production we have to take care of multiple toxins entirely different from what we do in laboratory. The synergistic action between toxins play a major role as much as 2ppb of aflatoxin may cause immunosuppression without much affection seen over in organs or any other system of birds body resulting in lower antibody count in response to routine vaccinati ...
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Greg Connors commercial application of gel is not something which is studied much rather spray applications of LAB is more practiced, but in my view for getting proper beneficial results we must need to study combination of aerobes and anaerobes as there is variable PH and oxygen tention in poultry gut if it is not so we will not supposed to find clostridia from gut, so if you elaborate the purpos ...
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Sodium di...formate . how its possible by essential law of chemistry that monovalent Na and formic reacts to di.... it makes me confused
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Dear sir, most of vets are employed by govt or private companies so can it be possible for WVPA to issue formal letter of invitation so that they easily get clearance from their employers to attend WVPA Asia meeting. Regards Dr.manish sahrawat
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Dear friends, if you are giving vaccination to broiler then please cover it with antibiotic umbrella followed with some pro biotic supplement this will help to reduce respiratory problem from secondary bacterial infection . also monitor ammonia level inside house if you feel it is high certainly you will be facing problems .
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Dear all i would better say IBD vaccination is very critical thing and should be decided as per the disease prevalence in the area and it is different for both broiler and layers repeat vaccination may not be helpful in broiler .
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Dear Michael T. Kiddthis article about amino acids help a lot  thanx
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Dear Tufail Banday as per my experience this problem is directly related with two factors 1) ammonia conc. if it is high you will for sure face respiratory distress and condition will be worsen with secondary e coli infection so you should go for treating litter inside house with sodium bi-sulfate that will help a lot in reducing problem related with ammonia emission ...
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