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Balchem is committed to making the world a healthier place by delivering trusted, innovative, and science-based solutions to the nutrition, health, and food markets. By providing industry-leading service, quality, and technology, we enable our customers to win with their customers. We have built a ...
Article published the September 12, 2022
INTRODUCTION Balchem now manufactures a high-quality, ruminally protected choline product called ReaShure®-XC Rumen Protected Choline, the next generation of ReaShure which provides bioavailable choline in a more concentrated product.Choline is an essential nutrient that enables cows to utilize the fat (NEFA) mobilized from body stores. The production of NEFA is the cows’ natural way of ...
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Dr. Stefano Vandoni presents during Balchem and AB Vista's sponsored event at TotalDairy UK, "Choline: it's not optional, it's required."
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“Don’t drink, don’t smoke, and take your multi-vitamin.” Any pregnant woman can tell you this is the advice they receive from the moment they know they are pregnant. Extensive research in humans and animals has confirmed the long-term impact of nutrition during gestation.Prenatal nutrition can permanently affect both tissues and organs, with life-long consequences to growth ...
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