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Dear Sir, Please elaborate whether age of the bird affect phytase activity to relase phytate Phosphorous. can layer chicks in 0-8 wks of age , 8-12 wks of age utilizes phytase as same way that utilized by laying phase bird ?. Is phytase activity same in grower broiler bird as like in finisher broiler bird to utilize phytase phosphorous ? Regards, Dr Narsing Pawale
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Thank you Dr Senthi Kumar for your kind reply, I have also successfully treated vent pecking cases in broiler with addition on salt in drinking water and keeping some pieces of red color plastic in flock to divert birds mind from picking, and also providing some additional space to birds.  I thought you might have noted some specific pathological lesions in ante/postmortum examinat ...
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I want to get it clear by Dr Senthil Kumar. How can you say it is sodium and chloride deficiency only by observing photo only or not analyzing feed for sal deficiency? DR PAWALE N.H. , KARNAL
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March 17, 2012
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