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INTRODUCTIONThe weaning process exposes pigs to a multitude of stressors such as dietary and environmental changes, social stress, and an unpredictable array of pathogens. The combination of these stressors typically results in reduced growth rate and feed intake as well as impaired function and integrity of the gut (Lallès et al., 2004; Pluske, 2013; Li et al., 2019). Further, the immune s ...
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IntroductionPlant carbohydrates can be classified into three categories: 1) simple sugars and their conjugates (glucose, fructose, etc.); 2) storage reserve compounds (starch); and 3) structural carbohydrates (cellulose, hemicellulose, etc.). Simple sugars and storage compounds are primarily digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract of pigs, although not completely, while structural carbohydrat ...
Article published the November 11, 2020
High-shear dry extruded corn and soybeans and the quest for higher growth performance in modern broiler genetics.Feeding young broilers during the first 10 days post-hatch is the new frontier in poultry nutrition. The same holds true for any effort to boost life-time growth performance in modern genetics through nutrition. Research and commercial experience have shown that it is possible to boost ...
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