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Mycotoxin problem is difficult to manage when multiple mycotoxins are present in feed. Our research should be focussed on multiple mycotoxins in feed. Recently I conducted an experiment in broiler chickens involving ochratoxin A levels in feed. It was found that broiler chickens can tolerate up to 50 ppb of dietary ochratoxin A without any adverse effect on their performance, organ weight and bioc ...
Article published the July 12, 2019
INTRODUCTION Aflatoxins, the natural contaminants of feedstuffs, are toxic metabolites produced primarily by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Aflatoxins may cause serious economic losses in the poultry industry because they prevent birds from achieving optimum body weight gains (Khatke et al., 2012; Oguz and Kurtoglu, 2000) Small amounts of aflatoxin B1 may cause reduction in econo ...
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Article published the July 12, 2019
INTRODUCTION There is increasing evidence that cereal grains used for poultry feed are commonly contaminated with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi, when present in the feed depress nutrient quality of the feed and hence the health and performance of poultry. The tropical and subtropical climate with hot and humid condition prevailing in India coupled with poor har ...
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Article published the July 12, 2019
Presence of mycotoxins in feed is one of the major constraints in maintain feed quality because the mycotoxins are widely present in feedstuffs around the world and may affect production even in very low concentration. The most widespread and in most studied group of mycotoxins, aflatoxins are of great concern in warm and humid climatic conditions like India (Singh et al. 2010). Aflatoxin in poult ...
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Article published the June 21, 2019
INTRODUCTION Chromium is an essential trace element in animal nutrition which is required for normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in humans and laboratory animals (Balk et al., 2007). Research activities of different researchers exploring the effect of chromium on the reproductive ability of livestock have been successfully performed (Lindemann et al., 1995; Amoikon et al ...
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We should also consider the mycotoxin content of poultry feed when the animals are fed low protein diets. On low protein diets the effects of mycotoxicosis are increased. Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan
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For amelioration of aflatoxicosis in poultry, I conducted a decade long research based on which two mycotoxin binders namely Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2 were formulated. These were included in the aflatoxin contaminated feed @ 145 and 132g per quintal, respectively and tested in Chicken, quails and turkeys. Both the binders were equally efficaceous in ameliorating aflatoxicosis. The ingredient c ...
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The function of choline is to remove fat from the liver. Say, for example, during aflatoxicosis fat accumulation occurs in liver. Addition of choline to the aflatoxin contaminated feed protects the poultry from adverse effects of aflatoxicosis.
Article published the March 26, 2019
INTRODUCTION Aflatoxins belong to a group of mycotoxins produced as secondary metabolites by fungi of the Aspergillus genus, especially A. flavus, A. parasiticus and A. nomius (Kurtzman et al., 1987). No region of world escapes the problem of mycotoxins and according to Lawler and Lynch (2005) mycotoxin are estimated to affect as much as 20% of world’s crop each year. Crops grown under ...
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Article published the March 26, 2019
INTRODUCTION The problems associated with mycotoxin contamination of grains are worldwide. Mycotoxic moulds generally attack the kernels of grain robbing the nutrients and lower the fat, protein and vitamin content of the grain. The mould also often changes the colour of the grains, the consistency/texture and often imparts an odour that causes feed refusal in animals. Aflatoxins are produced by ...
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