Discussion created on April 12, 2013
Q:-) Can uterine prolaps in layer may be due to some kind of toxin? If yes....then what type of toxin it is? and what is its treatment?
Discussion created on January 10, 2013
What measures should be adopted in case of wet litter condition in winter as it reduces production capability of layers?
Discussion created on January 15, 2012
I have an open house,floor shed which remains closed for 2 years. Before it there was a tick and lice problem in a shed.  What can i do?What measures should be adopted especially for tick problem? Thanks
Discussion created on January 15, 2012
Could experts help me in choosing a breed among lsl, buovan, bebcoc ,w98, or any i want to establish an open house, floor stype shed of almost 7000 birds..plz aso give a prominent and competitive features of your suggestion..thanks
Discussion created on October 24, 2005
I have 10000 layers which have been ill for almost 2 months...they have CRD and Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection. After they got infected with pox and then IB infections., we treated them with tylosin, doxy, timulin, amantadin, avilosin, linkomycin and oxytetra, etc.....but after 2 months mortality is 15 / days....we stopped all medication but still mortality...pox is also present...what can I d ...
Discussion created on September 3, 2005
I examined birds in their cages. There was a salmonella and lameness problem... After treatment with floremfenicol for 7 days, birds were healthy again..but as soon as I stopped medication, I got the same problem again...bird age is 14 months. Could you please tell me what I could do? Dr. Ahmad
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