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Breeder Farm consultant 15 years on farm management experience of management all section of farms. experience of PURELINE TO COMMERCIAlS ( LAYERS AND BROILERS)
Sales Manager India
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What are the key production indicators (KPI) in poultry industry commercial layers, broilers, broiler breeders and breeder layers?
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Discussion created on February 22, 2018
Photos published on October 7, 2014
Deep Litter brooding Shed
On the album: EC Layer project India
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Automatic Litter Loading from EC Sheds
On the album: EC Layer project India
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Dear Tom W. Smith, Jr., Ph.D., Extension Poultry Science Specialist Dear sir, I would like to know if the brooding procedure for layers and broiler PL, GPS PARENTS COMMERCIALS will be the same or will we have to do differently? FROM MY experience it all depends on many factors, right from technology to your technicians and labour force. We have to practically decide and act according to loca ...
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