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Food Science and Technology (Diploma) , Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Discussion created on January 13, 2017
In recent times i discovered my broiler breeder stock close vent as early as 40 weeks. This has been my major concern as it affects their production. what can likely be the cause of this and how can I prevent re-occurrence.My management practices have been the same for the pass 5 years. Thanks
Participation in Forum on February 26, 2016
Yes High Energy feed do cause prolapse in young flock. The best way to control this is to feed the birds abt 10grams below standard, this has been done in my over years and has really helped. The production is not affected. Also the birds shd be fed during cooler hrs of the day.
Participation in Forum on January 22, 2016
@Dr Viabhav, 300-800grams in how many litters of water?
Participation in Forum on October 6, 2015
Will appreciate if you can state the condition under which the birds are reared and all the lesions seen in the dead. Also at what age do the birds start dying? Your source of birds should also be confirmed. Dr Lanre Oyeleye-Bioku
Participation in Forum on August 15, 2015
These practice is being advocate mostly in Nigeria poultry to only as a cost saving measure but also on the health implications regarding the withdrawal time of ATBS which are not normally taken into consideration by most farmers.Good fumigation procedures before stocking and taking the biogram of the pen house to be stocked for analysis are recommended. Good feed source, dry litter management, ac ...
Participation in Forum on August 3, 2015
Feed allotments, bodyweight and egg production are 3 factors to be considered in flocks with prolapse. Most farmers feed birds base on age of birds not considering the production and bodyweight of the body, the lead to accumulation of fat with resultant prolapse condition. Dietary adjustment is the best bet to control it than addition of any additives.
Discussion created on July 20, 2015
Hello, is there any new strain of chicken infectious anaemia virus affecting adult birds (laying birds)? Thanks
Participation in Forum on July 2, 2015
Check for the ND titre of the flock. The fiber content and particle sizes of the feed should be reviewed.Increase the inclusion rate of enzyme and toxin binder in the feed. Dr Lanre Oyeleye-Bioku Yammfy Farms Nigeria.
Participation in Forum on June 19, 2012
I really appreciate your work,pls is there any new strain of CIAV affecting laying birds
Participation in Forum on December 18, 2011
Breeder farms will go along way to benefit from this information
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