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Yes. Sanitation of drinking water for poultry birds is a prime issue in healthy birds.
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Dr. Kapil, how about role of rodents in disseminating motile salmonella in commercial laying units? Has any such study been a part of your epidemiology project? Thanks.
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Dear Dr. Nadir Alloui, It's a really good piece of work. In India, fenugreek seeds are normally used in human diets, albeit in fried form. (These are called METHI seeds in India.) I want to know from you, have you tried giving soaked / sprouted fenugreek seeds to broilers as feed top dressing? My experience tells that if soaked fenugreek seeds are fed to commercial broilers even at late stage of a ...
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Dear Mr. Vijayraghavan, Any drinking water sanitizer, if comes in contact with live virus or bacteria, will kill them or render them ineffective. That is the reason water sanitizers are not added to drinking water if live vaccines are to be administered through drinking water. But to avoid contact between vaccine virus / bacteria and water sanitizer, it need not be withdrawn for two days.
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As per my knowledge, nobody is using such low levels of vitamins recommended by NRC in broiler diets. In India, there has been recommendation of 12,500 IU of Vit A, 3000 IU of vit D3 per ke finished feed for broilers since long.
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In India, we have many small units that operate under some integrator. The units may be as small as 3000 birds. I will try in some of these small units by spreading Alum @90gms/bird before placing the DOCs. Thanks for new and good information.
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Thanks for good, informative article. However, all the disease or disease like problems are described for broiler breeders in deep litter. In India, we have majority of broiler breeders in cages. Do you have similar information for caged broiler breeders? Cloacitis what is described in this article is seen in more sever form in few cases in India. In some articles, it is described at "vent gleet". ...
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Dear Dr. Atul Rajput, I think you are discussing about suspected outbreak looking like IBH in laying birds in Ludhiana area of Punjab. I have never come accross any IBH outbreak in laying phase of layer strain of birds. All references indicate that it is seen in heavier breeds. Layer breeds popular in India are all light weight birds. IBH will be confirmed primarily by histo-pathological exa ...
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As regards IBD titres by IDEXX elisa kits, my practical experience is that if MDA level of IBD is well above 4000 and CV% is less than 30, one invasive intermediate type of IBD vaccine at the age of 14 days in commercial broilers gives good control over iBD. However, if CV% is high, then even if MDA level is higher than 5000, still one may have to use invasive intermediate IBD vaccine at earlier a ...
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I feel, there should have been one group with some chemical toxin binder to compare results of herbominereal toxin binder with those of chemical toxin binder. Economics of inclusion of product should have been included in the studies.
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