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Participation in Forum on December 22, 2014
Mycoplasma combined with other bacteria such as Salmonella, then infection is called CRD complex, which is generally take more time to treat with specific antibiotics. In this case i recommend tylosine both in feed and water + Amoxicillin through water for at least 7 days would help to combat CRD complex.
Participation in Forum on November 5, 2014
Good article but there is another way to control salmonella in feed is to disinfect feed with liquid or powder formalin, many commercial products are available in the market and these are more specifically used to disinfect GP and PS feeds all over the world.
Participation in Forum on April 4, 2012
A very good and interesting paper about Calcium Specific Appetite of broiler.  If I am not mistaken, author Aaron Cowieson, used to work for Danisco and later on with AB Vista before joining his current position in University.
Participation in Forum on March 2, 2012
A good research about Litter Moisture and Foot Pad Dermatitis in poultry, although this is not a big problem but still you have to prevent it with good management and hygiene practices. I has the experience of seeing this problem in layer pullets reared on floor and reason was poor litter conditions rather litter thickness was not adequate. Farmer was advised to add litter to at least 3 inches thi ...
Participation in Forum on February 29, 2012
Good article with an angle to promote a commercial product. Perhaps one sided research results. In my opinion, still in ovo inoculation of immune complex Gumboro vaccines are the best.
Participation in Forum on February 15, 2012
In Pakistan, it most commonly occurs in broilers, however, cases of IBH do appear in layer flocks too, generally related to poor quality feed due to aflatoxins or any other mycotoxins. Please remember, IBH is caused by virus, which needed predisposed factors to become activated to cause disease. You always has to check those factors which are conducive to any virus to become capable of reproductio ...
Participation in Forum on January 27, 2012
A very informative article with some sound advices. It is also clear from the article that in-ovo inoculation of some vaccines are more beneficial than conventional routes. Another important lesson in this article is that there should not be any intervention in the technique of vaccination recommended by manufacturing companies. There is huge research involved before a product is finalized for com ...
Participation in Forum on January 11, 2012
A good and practical guide for farmers and new comers.
Participation in Forum on December 31, 2011
An interesting study about alternatives to Broiler Chickens Breeding in Peasant Households
Participation in Forum on December 15, 2011
Very thorough, informative and interesting paper about mycotoxin in day old chicks, though the research is limited to one region but we could learn a lot from the data and use this research for benefit. Well done, Dr. Stephen.
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