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Commercial swine production management, specialization in Nutrition, management of nutrition software. visit our web page:
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
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Gestation sows ...not wanting to eat sometime especially just before farrow can be seen time in time. apart from the aforementioned, also try to engage her working her around the pen.
Product published on February 2, 2018
Sow Watcher is a sophisticated pig husbandry management software program. It is aimed at mixed production units (breeding + fattening), but it is also able to cover most of the needs of pure breeding units (units that produce the piglets produced for breeding animals and do not end up in the slaughterhouse). Unlike previous versions, Sow Watcher can support multiple units, each with a different r ...
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Product published on February 2, 2018
This is the MAXIMUS Boar From RA-SE Genetics , Belgium. Contact us for more details about this boar. These are Hybrid haloten negative Boars.
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Hello Mr. Felix Please kindly leave your message on the fb page; and we shall contact you with more information. Basically in Porcine Reproduction systems.
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Dear All,Happy New Year to all.It is interesting to read that swine production is picking up in West Africa; The basic breeds for production id Large White & Landrace. Also for equipments the small scale could be expensive , i rather advice to improvice. When ever you decide to go industrual, then we could be of help. Basically we are a consultation company for industrial production of pig mea ...
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Very important declaration. Hope the video were available.
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This is a very important presentation, particularly at these times. The crisis that we had most of last year with the prices of cereal, and the latest economic crisis. It is evident that differentiation and a new approach to Swine Farming is needed. Please kindly send me the presentation in Powerpoint (if possible) for translation and use.
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