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I agree fully with Dr. Dolo Yaya. When chicks come from the hatchery they first need to drink and the nipples need to be easily triggered by a small chick of 40 g on average body weight. Chicks will drink in the dynamic way which means that they push the nipple to the side and water will flow from the side of the nipple pin downwards. Only at a later age will the chicks or birds start triggering t ...
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Dear Mohamed Wafi,If the relative humidity is very high you will need to see how you can make the chick holding room more environmental controlled. I do not know how much money you have available to do this, but I would suggests that you ventilate enough to keep the oxigen level up with bringing in outside air and then install some AC units that will reduce the relative humidity in the room and co ...
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I like to know if due to wet litter more toe defects were observed like crooked toes and the like. Because the gait score was affected, was this a consequence of footpath lesions or were there more leg abnormalities like Valgus and Varus defects?
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