Article published the March 21, 2022
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Article published the December 6, 2012
Introduction The incidence of zearalenone (ZEA) contamination in animal feeds is increasing in many countries. Therefore, understanding the biological effects of ZEA in addition to its estrogenic effects in pigs becomes important for hog producers. Material and Methods Two experiments (EXP) were conducted to investigate the effects of dietary ZEA in pigs and the potential of ameliorating those ...
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Article published the December 4, 2012
Introduction Previous research has shown that dietary ZEA may reduce nutrient digestibility and increase oxidative stress in pigs; and that the use of Calibrin-Z (CAZ), thermally processed clay, can prevent the negative effects of ZEA. However, it is unknown what CAZ will do if pigs are already intoxicated with ZEA. Therefore, the objective of the present study was designed to answer: 1) can ZEA ...
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Article published the July 29, 2011
SUMMARYCrude glycerin is a by-product of the biodiesel production, which has been shown to be a good energy source for swine. There is variability in the energy available from crude glycerin, which is partially explained by the glycerin content of the crude glycerin. Up to 15% crude glycerin has been fed to pigs without negative consequences. Methanol, which is potentially toxi ...
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Kansas State has a good bulletin on the use of oxytocin use and increased stillbirths. that oxytocin should be limited to older parities and the last half of parturition.
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