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Dear all, The object of the article is of utmost importance to all those working in the chicken industry. Yet the decontamination process of chicken carcasses is an important measure to prevent microorganisms to hit the market and consumers, it is key to have in mind that pathogens reduction shouldn't be a processing plant task, but THE WHOLE PROCESSING CHAIN's task, from farm - specially from far ...
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Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
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Dear Dr. Bailey, Thanks for sharing this fantastic, didactic article. Fabio
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Dear Jorn Rinia, Interesting these two projects and the questions you place. Are consumers really aware of where the meat they eat comes from? Are non-traditional poultry producers communicating effciently with final consumers about their non-traditional methods and, thus, conving them on the benefits of their non-traditional products? Are consumers WILLING to pay more for meat non-traditionally ...
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It is worth noting that the concern about animal welfare, in general, and broilers welfare, in particular, has extrapolated the limits of the farm, as a whole, to become an international political and commercial concern, as well. Countries aiming at exporting their products of animal origin, chicken meat, pork, beef or wahtever, must comply not only with sanitary and food safety requirements of th ...
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All the important contributions posted here, yet may differ from each other in some marginal aspects, focus on the relationship between broilers welfare concerns and the GROWING PROCESS' ECONOMICS. This is, in fact, what minds! Let's see why! We must take good care of broielrs aiming at producing healthy, meaty, deffect-free and least-costly birds to be used for human consumption. The cheaper the ...
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Much has been discussed about the broilers welfare. The animal rights groups have been doing a lot of noise worldwide, yet less in EU then in US, about this important matter and the battles between actvists and companies keep on happening here and there, every now and then. I believe the matter is really simply. Upon taking on the role to demonstrate and convince poultry processors about the need ...
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Dear Cindy, I just read about the wings problem. May I ask you please to contact me by email ( with some more info on the problem that I believe I can help you with a possible solution. Regards, Fabio Nunes Poultry Processing Consultant Brazil
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