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Dr. Peter Surai, Professor. Vitagene and Health Research Center, UK, responds to this question in this video.
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Volatility of raw material pricing is one of key challenges in Indian Poultry Industry. Optimising feed cost with alternative raw materials without compromising performance is critical task.
Video published on August 27, 2022
Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, Commercial Director of Adisseo for the Indian subcontinent, points out the challenges poultry producers are facing with Raw Materials and how Adisseo can help them with their solutions and products
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Very nice technical Explanation of Gout in first paragraph written by Dr.Narsapur.
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Information given in article about Nutrient requirements of poultry is very basic. Need to more focus on specific nutrient requirements with feed formulations . Dr.Sujit Kulkarni Orffa Animal Nutrition India
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Dear Keyong, very informative technical study to understand role of Betaine to increase in internal Blood Growth Harmone levels leads to control of Hypthalamic Pituitary Functions.
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November 6, 2010
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