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Acute ruminal acidosis cannot be prevented or cured with buffers or probiotics! As mentioned by one of the colleagues, acute ruminal acidosis is often the result of (accidental) grain overload. I learned that treating acute ruminal acidosis by oral delivery of buffers is contra-indicated: it may resume the fermentation of not-yet degraded carbohydrates still present in the rumen, thereby increasin ...
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This is a clear overview of principles to estimate the protein value of feeds for ruminants. As an addition to this paper, I would like to mention some modifications that have recently been introduced. In Europe, at least 3 revised systems have been published with improvements of these estimations: “Feed into Milk” (UK, 2004; C. Thomas, Ed), “NorFor” (Scandinavia, 2011; H. Volden, Ed), and “DVE/ ...
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