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Thanks for the presentation, I would like to get a piece of advise on how I can treat and use our ordinary clay in toxin binding. Kasaka Moses
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Its a good article about broiler chickens fed diets based on vegetables. i will try the formulation commercially and see the products. But my problem may be the availability of the enzymes to be added in our country Uganda.Please may i be helped to get those enzymes.
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The research is good for us farmers and scientist. For us our water is always treated with chlorine at the public water treatment plant. Is there aneed for me treat that water sanitizer, or should i simply add the acidifier only. Please advise. best regards Kasaka moses
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Its a very good paper about use of Water Acidifier and Sanitizer in Broiler Production. But how to get the Acidifier and Sanitizer in my country. Cant we find a simple way to prepare the Acidifier and sanitizer at our local farms( please give us their chemical composition).
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