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Good job. It is really fantastic to have herbal treatment for subclinical mastitis that imposes loses for small-scale dairy farmers SSA.
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Very good article about Dairy Reproductive Management Using Artificial Insemination!! The author should also include how to improve the conception rate using some technologies on identification cows at estrus under small holder farming system in rural Africa!
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I found this article very important!! I faced majority of the mentioned problems starting from 2000 during my stay at Government Ranch in Ethiopia. I will try to include these management interventions in preparation of working manuals in local languages for small and large-scale dairy farmers. In my country, there are many calf health and managemet problmes that need research and development inter ...
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Thank you so much!! It is very good information
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On the album: Dr. Hailu Mazengia
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I think the information is very interesting for urban dairy farmers in developing countries of Africa. More information is may be needed if there is breed difference.
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It is very nice information but needs further studies.
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Thanks for your interesting article about rumen protected B vitamins for dairy cows!!
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