1.Worked as a Veterinary Officer with Amul Dairy, Anand, Gujrat 2.Worked with Pfizer Limited, India (Animal Health Division) at various positions in sales and marketing 3. Working as Technical Consultant with G.LOUCATOS &CO.
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There are so many factors which affect the milk production.If you describe the complete management practices at your farm then only something may be analysed. Please write in detail the complete management program at your farm. Dr.Balkrishna Sharma
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Dr. Madan Sharma The Saccharomyces ceresiae used as probiotic is rumen specific. There are so many yeasts like backer's yeast, brewer's yeast but the yeast used for dairy animals is Rumen Specific. The strain is entirely different. If the specific yeast is not used then you may not get the desired results. So use only specific yeast. Dr. Balkrishna Sharma
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Dear Dr.Kedar, In Maharashtra and Gujarat paddy straw is fed extensively but this disease is not there.What could be the reason ? Could you please comment on this. Thanking you in anticipation. Dr. B.K.Sharma
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Dr.Balkrishna Sharma Sub: Mastik This is a very good help to the field veterinarians.Faster method for identification of causative microorganism and finally the treatment. Even after doing all this could we bring the cow to the level of production prior to the infection.However Matik is a very helpful tool for the practicing vets,as they can prevent the further loss of milk production
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Bio security is the major criteria in management of mastitis.Also the somatic cell count ,as soon as the count is higher than the permissible limit,the treatment must be started.
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