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Steve Pollmann (independent consultant, DSP Consulting) discusses housing, weaning age, heat stress and sow mortality rates, among other aspects, in this Engormix interview.
Article published the April 25, 2023
Introduction:Benchmarking has been widely practiced worldwide in the swine industry to improve farm management and productivity. Best practice benchmarking is defined as identifying those practices and processes associated with superior efficiency and performance. In the best-practice benchmarking for breeding farms, measurements in high-performing and ordinary farms have been used to provide valu ...
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This member gave a presentation on June 23, 2022
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IPVS 2022
This member gave a presentation on June 22, 2022
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IPVS 2022
Article published the February 16, 2022
IntroductionThe present work addresses the use of data in improving decision making and farm productivity, one of the aspects that has generated more interest in swine production in recent years. In the current review, the limitations of data management and recently developed strategies in this sector have been revised, together with the need for new technologies and their use in the evolution of ...
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Article published the February 8, 2022
BackgroundPrimiparous sows (PP) have higher nutrient requirements [1, 2] and fewer piglets born than multiparous sows (MP) [3]. Usually, PP sows are bred before they reach mature body size and when the back fat levels are still limited and often times below the recommendation of 18.0–23.0 mm at first insemination [4]. Part of the nutrient intake of a PP sow during the reproductive cycle is s ...
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Article published the August 6, 2021
IntroductionDuring the last decades, the use of data by farmers has been limited. Most of the systems used were simple and mainly focused on the management of farm tasks, with limited or no capacity of analysis. Integration of data from different devices or farms was also difficult, and there was little applied knowledge on the value of data in the strategic decision-making. Another ...
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News published on June 25, 2021
Adisseo Group announces the signature of an agreement to take 24.99% participation through a capital increase in the company PigCHAMP Pro Europa SL. This investment represents for Adisseo a key milestone in the Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) where Adisseo wants to invest and bring innovative solutions to the market, to support the sustainability of the animal production industry through eff ...
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News published on October 23, 2020
MINTREX® arrived to Europe 10 years ago. To celebrate this anniversary,  Novus invites you to register for a new webinar on Novel strategies for high performing sows. The webinar will be aired live on Wednesday 28 October at 15.00 hours (CET). Speakers: MERCEDES VÁZQUEZ-AÑÓN: Ph.D., Senior Science Fellow, Senior Director, Animal Nutrition Research and Facilitie ...
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Article published the May 24, 2017
IntroductionLivestock production in confinement facilities results in gas emissions such as ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In pig production, NH3, CH4 and N2O are products of manure decomposition while CO2 is primarily a product of animal metabolism. Ammonium (NH4+), under acidic or neutral pH conditions or NH3 at higher pH levels, contribute directly t ...
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