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DVM, M.Phill Animal Nutrition
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Thank you Dr. Brian and Dr. Mike, Very informative article. In Pakistan during monsoon it becomes very difficult (almost impossible) to control Temperature and R/Humidity by evaporative cooling system. we suggest farmers to hang of jute curtains inside the house at some distance from Pads above the bird's level, and it is very helpful to control R/Humidity to some extant, as it absorbs the moistur ...
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completely agree with MR. David,neither the name of vitamins nor the levels are described, there were two things for comparison for effects on carcass yield etc. in the trials, 1-vitamins & their level, 2- Aflatoxin and their level. only levels of aflatoxins are mentioned, which toxin were particularly in trial is not mentioned, also vitamins are not described. Sorry but poorly designed or describ ...
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Dear Dr. Jalil, I just want to ask one thing about the trial feeds given to the birds. as you mentioned: a- 1-21 Day Birds were given 18.7% CP and 3000 ME. b- 22-42 Day Birds were given 20.8% CP and 2890 ME. its very strange, is this a typing mistake? or if this is right then why you used the started feed at the end of experiment and finisher feed for first 21 days?
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If you ask the "Best Way" to remove high moisture levels built up in the poultry house's bedding material, then the best way is always to replace it. (If not possible) select the more dense patches and replace the very wet litter with dry one. And avoid moisture building again by several procedures, like improve ventilation, stopping leakages from water lines and nipples. Also very important point ...
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I totallay agree with Ganesh Kumar that "For better intestinal epithelium / tone, boosting micro-flora & enhancing nutrients/vitamins absorption & utilization, acidification of feed & water will be better option over Bleaching Powder for use in poultry." but i will recommend acidification of water instead of feed.
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very well done, very informative knowledge about plastic evaporative cooling pads. Thank you for sharing.
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Congratulaions to All of you on doing such a benificial work. I must say this is a great effort to produce healthy & safe meat for human consumption. These organic acids are safer than antibiotic growth promoters. No tension of withdrawl periods or side effect etc. can you tell me what is the upper limit to use these acids?
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I would not suggest the use of mold infected stuff for livestock, specially poultry. you will face economic losses by not using it, but it would be less than the losses you will face after using it.
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Astrovirus or avian nephritis virus mostly effects chicks from Day-1 upto to 4 weeks of age, more commonly in immunosupressed birds. Astrovirus cause degeneration and necrosis of epithielial cells of proximal convoluted tubules of kidney which leads to sever avian gout.
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