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Interesting. It seems perfectly logical to me that if you change the substrate flow into the caudal gut (by increasing the rate of digestion of e.g. starch and protein or altering the solubility or tertiary structure of NSP) the microbiome will rapidly adapt to this new ecology and reorient itself accordingly. However, I find it a little difficult to accept that the major mechanism of a xylanase o ...
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Hi RafaelYes, exactly. I suspect we are simply releasing oligosaccharides in such quantities that they cannot be quantitatively fermented to produce the increments in VFAs we see in the caeca, rather they act as a signal to the caecal microbiome to start producing their own xylanases/cellulases to digest the xylan fibre more effectively. Have a look at our abstract in this year's PSA meeting (Bedf ...
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August 19, 2009
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