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Dr.ahsan Siddiqui
M. Phill. Animal Nutrition
27 years of practical experience in Pakistan's private poultry industry in technical and general Feedmill management, feeds formulation, experimental farms handling and rprocurement planning.
M. Phill. Animal Nutrition
Participation in Forum on October 21, 2022
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Oscar Briceño these are excellent questions! I must admit these details are still largely unknown. As the immune response is specific to different stressors, (e.g. heat stress vs necrotic enteritis vs respiratory virus infections) the ideal nutrient requirements for a bird exposed to those stressors is likely also varied. To answer these questions we must focus research to understanding the spec ...
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Many thanks for all the kind and thought provoking comments! @Prof. Donzele, I agree that other the immune system requirements for other 'non-essential' amino acids should also be considered (as my review was already rather lengthy this was not really covered). This is definitely a topic to investigate further when formulating diets for challenging conditions.
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Congratulations on the article, considering the importance of the revised article. I take this to reaffirm some points that I mentioned earlier. Based on the information contained in this review, it can be perfectly deduced that, in practice, the reduction in feed crude protein, which is based on the ratio of essential amino acids to lysine, is the ideal protein for the animal category in question ...
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Dr. Brett Lumpkins (Southern Poultry Research) explains how to create balance in the microbiota, through a combination of factors, to prevent Necrotic Enteritis, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Dear Ibrahim, To reduce stress on the birds.please don't give much space per bird because they may lose energy. Provide sufficient feeders and water or nipples per bird. Otherwise, there will be competition in feeding and watering causes variation in body weight and leads to poor performance. Subclinical diseases are also worst robbers of performance. Correct placement of drinkers is close to ...
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Good day Denis. Our bird houses are 96 meters long and 18 meters wide. We have different ventilation in poultry houses, there are: -the lateral air flow, and the end hood; - an inflow of lateral, and a roof extract; -the lateral inflow and the exhaust side: -The influx is roof, and the hood is end. In all poultry houses at first there were 2 gas generators and 4 accelerating fans. With such a kit ...
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Good day to all. My name is Sergey. I like your forum, because in good arguments truth is born. I live in Belarus. In my opinion, CO2 is a very important indicator, especially in the initial period of poultry growing, since this potential is pawned on this final result (productivity, health, and so on). In practice, I found that for every landing I always (at any time of the year) use cyclic venti ...
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