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Asif Obaid
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Over 900,000 analytical results from more than 18,000 samples of more than 500 feed raw materials from all over the world Analysis of amino acid and fatty acid profiles, proximates, minerals, energy and various other quality parameters Now available as a web application with regular updates 13 April, 2021 Germany, Essen. Evonik’s AMINODat® 6.0 is a database for feed raw mater ...
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As global animal production has rapidly shifted towards reduced Antibiotic free, “Gut health” has become a popular expression and all-encompassing concept in the scientific community. The gastro-intestinal tract must provide a barrier function protecting against harmful environmental elements (e.g. toxins and pathogenic microbes), while simultaneously permitting appropriate nutrient ab ...
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South East Asia is under a constant increase in the livestock production and, therefore, the demand for raw materials intended for animal feed consumption is rising every year.Currently, the national production of raw materials for animal feed is not enough to supply the national livestock industry of the area, and the import of grain is needed to ensure feed availability. Corn imports come mainly ...
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Deoxynivalenol (DON) is one of the most common trichothecenes mycotoxins, and is a natural occurrence mycotoxin produced by Fusarium graminearum. DON also is known as vomitoxin due to its strong emetic effects after consumption and causes animals’ vomit. DON occurrence in food and feed represents more than 90% of the total number of samples, and it is a potential marker of the occurrence of ...
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Júlia Pié (Biovet) presented research on natural products designed to replace commonly used additives, during the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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In general, composting poultry can be described as an all-natural, environmentally friendly method of mortality management, which minimizes water and air pollution by retaining nutrients, pathogens, and odors. Given the right conditions, microorganisms break down organic material (poultry mortalities, in this case) and carbon into a useful and valuable finished product. Composting also c ...
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Copper (Cu) has been widely used at pharmacological levels (e.g., 125 ppm) as growth promoter in poultry. However, the mechanism by which high levels of Cu promote growth remains to be determined. It is commonly recognized that Cu exerts anti-microbial effect in the gut but there is not much direct and consistent data showing that Cu alters the population of bacterial species in birds. And copper ...
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Using broad spectrum Toxin binder is also a good solution against aflatoxin and other mycotoxins.
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Khaled Itani welcome. Please share your WhatsApp no.
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Khaled Itani this was my own which I replaced graded levels(i.e 0%, 25%,50%, 75% and 100%) of coarse corn with fine corn i.e. 420 VS 1620 microns... Although the performance remained no significant among all the treatment in Broilers. The differences are in the intestinal health and Pellet durability. The intestinal parenchyma indicates increase is variable lenghts of villi, epitheli ...
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