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Hello Without data on feed composition it is impossible to draw any conclusions from this report. Please can you post the FULL composition of the diets, ie % inclusion of each and every raw material. Then at least we can determine if another nutrient is actually the limiting factor in performance. MPS
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Introduction Quail farming is very important for providing jobs and producing high quality protein at a low cost. Nutrition during the growing phase of the birds can influence their performance during the production phase. Most research has focused on the nutritional requirements of quails during the laying phase and there is little information about requirements during the growing phase. Quails ...
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Garros Fontinhas, Regional Business Coordinator South America for Selisseo® at Adisseo, explains the mode of action of Selisseo®, organic selenium in feed, as part of the series Minute Selisseo®
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I think everyone in this discussion made good comments. It seems to me that all that is needed is an underlying theory to fit all the various pieces into. This is the same for phytase and all the other enzymes: First, it should be accepted that responses to enzymes follow Michaelis-Menten kinetics. Enzymes do not give linear responses. This was very nicely illustrated by Shirley and Edwards, Jr. ( ...
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“We are committed to bringing the top organic trace minerals and enzymes in the market,” said Ed Galo, CCO, Executive Director at Novus International, during the 5th edition of Novus KOLEM 2019.
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Megharaja Manangi, Senior Scientist for Poultry Nutrition (R&D) at Novus International, explains why not all phytase sources provide the same results and highlights the benefits of CIBENZA® PHYTAVERSE®, a brand new phytase enzyme designed to maximize phytate hydrolysis and increase gastric stability, among other benefits.
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The study on ICC Brazil’s product will be introduced at the Poultry Science Association (PSA) Latin America, which will take place in Campinas, in November  ICC Brazil, a company, specialized in yeast-based additives, will show the results of an experiment on immunity, intestinal integrity and performance of broilers at the Poultry Science Association (PSA) Latin America. The event, wh ...
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Dear Mrs Barros, Can you share some results or publications on poultry. Best regards, N.B.
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I would like to come back to the topic of the title, which is related to water treatment and Salmonella prevalence. I think there is not a kind of a golden bullet and a strict biosecurity program including several strategies is key for preventing Salmonella outbreaks on farm level. Organic acids applied over the water and/or feed can be considered as part of such anti-Salmonella programs. Talking ...
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Thank you Anja for this nice article. What about protease enzymes and how do you see their function in the rumen assuming they are alkaline and can stand the pH of the rumen?Thanks
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