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FindingsThe recent outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus in numerous countries in Asia and Africa and the increase in human cases demonstrate that influenza A viruses remain a global pandemic threat [1,2]. Worldwide, natural migrations of birds and commercialization of poultry product are considered two of the most important mechanisms of disease dispersion [3]. Due to the h ...
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1. IntroductionPoultry is a food that has been highly appreciated by man since time immemorial. It is an important, low cost source of animal protein, rich in nutrients, phosphorus, other minerals, and B-complex vitamins (FAO 2010). Chicken carcasses have higher pathogenic and spoilage bacterial counts than most other foods, where carcass can be contaminated at several points throughout the p ...
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Infectious bronchitis (IB) is a globally distributed avian disease that represents one of the most persistent sanitary problems to the commercial poultry industry. The intensive production of high-density bird populations promotes IB transmission and, in spite of intensive control programmes, outbreaks are extremely frequent in commercial flocks (USDA, 2014).The aetiological agent of IB is the inf ...
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Dr Hussam's program is the same as our results in 2013 research results in Animal Health Research Institute - Reference laboratory for Quality control on Poultry production in Egypt our study was done on isolates isolated from 19 governoratesregardsDr. Mohamed Saif, PhDDirector of NLQP - AHRI, Gamasa Lab.Researcher of Virology & ImmunologyNational Laboratory of Quality control of Poultry produ ...
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I agree with Dr Hussam Bakri and his suggested program
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Salam, We are advising the following vaccination program to cover ND , IB and AI sure gumboro is included but the time of Gumboro vaccination deepened on MDA: - Day one Ma5+Clone30 Spray course ND+AI killed at day one. 14-16 days Clone30+IB 4/91 spray. The above vaccination program gave excellent results. We do have emergency vaccination program against IB specially when we get variant IB at ea ...
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Dear all, we studied the effect of Olive Leaf Extract on the H5N1 virus, and the extract showed great effect by either delaying the onset of signs or decreasing the mortality rate in comparison to the non treated groups the extract showed this effects also on the in-vitro lab level
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It could be Coryza
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