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Thank you sir for this discussion. My dear colleagues in the academia, what are we doing to mitigate the effects of climate change in the livestock industry. Dr Adejoro has highlighted good recommendations. Since we are not yet very good in nanotechnology, we should look at nutrition option as suggested by Martin Smith from Evonik. My ongoing research work shows a very high level of mycotoxin cont ...
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What is the difference between activated clay and activated charcoal? Any possible difference(s) in their functions and mode of action?
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Thank you our dear erudite Dr S. Adejoro for this informative research work about mycotoxin in day old chicks. Farmers and researchers need this type of information and knowledge sharing to move the industry forward. Now we have an idea why so much vaccine failure(esp marek vaccine) and drug resistance around. However we have to look at the interrelationship of this topic with other problems ident ...
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If their is a correlation between stress and gut physiology, altering the the gut microbiota and the immunity level of the bird. Also if their are specific probiotic preparations playing specific role in animal response to stress. Then, in the tropics, the greatest stress to efficient poultry production is heat stress. What is the relationship between heat stress, gut physiology and gut microbiota ...
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This is a complete scientific masterpiece. The adaptability of this feed ingredient in poultry production will be affected by its commecial availability. the 77[percent] sugar syrup with its specific nutrient composition is novel to Al Khaleej co only and may nt be available from other sources since molasses is the actual end product of the sugar refinery industries. If there is a way the poultry ...
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