Article published the May 27, 2015
I. INTRODUCTION Phytase has traditionally been used in broiler feed at a standard dose of 500 FTU/kg, but recent studies have reported extra phosphoric effects of high phytase doses in broilers (Selle and Ravindran 2007; Amerah et al., 2014). It is well known that phytate, the main phosphorous source in plant ingredients, is poorly available to poultry. Phytate can bind amino acids and minerals a ...
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Article published the December 15, 2013
I. INTRODUCTION The use of exogenous proteases in poultry feed has become more prevalent in recent years, following the broader commercial acceptance of other feed enzymes like phytases and xylanases, and increased pressure on the cost of proteinaceous ingredients. Most current commercial proteases for animal feed are alkaline proteases of bacterial origin. Feed cost is reduced with the inclusio ...
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Article published the September 1, 2011
Introduction Probiotic effects of Bacillus DFMs in chickens have been described (Lee et al., 2010a). Such effects include direct inhibition of pathogens like E. Coli and C. perfringens (Rehberger & Jordan-Parrott, 2005), competitive exclusion (Callaway et al., 2008), and immune-modulation of the gut mucosa (Lee et al., 2010b). Nonetheless, the nutritional effects Bacillus DFMs in poultry are ...
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