Apostolos Patsias
Head of Microbiological Chemical Laboratory
Poultry microbiology, food chemistry, food microbiology, water analysis, waste water treatment plant quality control, feed chemistry, feed microbiology, food/feed safety regulation, shelf life studies.
Head of Microbiological Chemical Laboratory
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T-lymphocytes are central targets of Marek’s disease, a major chicken disease induced by the oncogenic alphaherpesvirus Marek’s disease virus (MDV). T-lymphocyte infection is also associated with immunosuppression and virus latency. To decipher viral morphogenesis in T-lymphocytes, we used the recombinant vRB-1B 47EGFP marker virus to generate a new lymphoblastoid cell line, 3867K, tha ...
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Additionally, another cause might be low levels of methionine or lysine. Birds are initially pecking feathers and later on vent as well.
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